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Seabirds in the Firth of Forth
Forth Boat Tours

Sightseeing tours of the Firth of Forth, Inchcolm Island and the Forth Bridges from South Queensferry, Edinburgh

Information for disabled passengers

The Forth Belle is not specifically designed for disabled access; however, a lot of wheelchair users and people with limited mobility do join us on board for our 90 minute sightseeing tours.

There is disabled parking at the promenade, close to the Hawes Pier (approximately 100m from the boat).

We have a special wheelchair ramp which can be used at certain tide heights. Please give us prior notice if you require the wheelchair ramp.

The wheelchair ramp accesses the rear deck, which has both covered and open areas. This is the only area of the Forth Belle accessible to wheelchairs.

There is a threshold step and a further 4 steps with a handrail down to the salon. There is no disabled toilet, although people with limited mobility do use the toilets on board.

Certain tide heights allow easier access to the boat (not as steep an incline on the gangway). They are safer and more comfortable for wheelchair users. Please check our timetable for disabled users which gives the days and times when we can use the wheelchair ramp.

Access to Inchcolm Island is not suitable for wheelchair users.